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See One of My Latest Releases: God's Glory in Baptist History: A Volume of Essays to Remember Terry Wolever

God's Glory in Baptist A Memorial Volume for Terry Wolever Edited by Michael A. G. Haykin "Terry Lee Wolever A Christian. A Calvinist. A servant of the Lord and his local church. A reputable scholar. A notable Baptist historian. A good teacher. A good conversationalist. A good friend. A fan of root beer floats. Thoughtful. Articulate. And a genuinely friendly and funny guy." --an excerpt from the biographical sketch of Terry Wolever. This volume was written to honor his legacy, but ultimately, as Terry would certainly have it, was written to honor and glorify His Lord. Biographical sketch of Terry Wolever, by Douglas Holcomb John Clarke and the Rhode Island Charter, by Andre A. Gazal Thomas Davis and the Evangelical Revival at Reading, by Michael A. G. Haykin The Portrait of a Courageous Entrepreneur in an Era of Ambiguity and Peril (Samuel Miles, ca.1740-1805), by Robert Edward Johnson Hidden Treasure, Common The Story of John Munro, by Wayne R. Brandow The Life and Ministry of R. B. C. Howell, by Thomas J. Nettles John A. Broadus and Slavery, by Roger D. Duke Exemplar of Fundamentalist Spirituality (A. C. Dixon, 1854-1925), by Gerald L. Priest Developing a Ministerial Profile From a Biographical Compendium, by Anthony L. Chute Baptists and A Conflicted History, by Jeffrey P. Straub Appendix Aids to Baptist Historical Research in North America, by Terry Wolever Appendix Conveying a Sense of God's Joseph Kinghorn and the Impress of Christian Piety, by Terry Wolever Appendix Bibliography of the Published Works of Terry Wolever Navy cloth hardcover with gold stamping on the cover and spine. Includes an Index of Persons, an Index of Subjects, and an Index of Churches. xviii, 300 pages. Illustrated. Acid-free paper.

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