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“Just As I Am” : Evangelist Billy Graham’s Favorite Invitation Hymn! (Story Behind the Hymn Book)

Evangelist Billy Graham's Favorite Invitation Hymn!

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Concerning it I wrote:

Mark Noll, noted University of Notre Dame professor, once observed that “Just As I Am” embodies the essence of evangelical theology. It and “Amazing Grace” have embraced the simplicity of the Gospel message. He further remarked, “They’re not deep hymns . . . But they’re solid hymns.”[i] With its simple yet profound word meanings, “Just As I Am” fits perfectly with altar calls and introspective prayer before receiving communion. It has well-served “evangelists D. L. Moody, Billy Graham, and John Stott” [ii] to woo the hearts of seekers of Christ in many contexts.

[i] Mark Noll, quoted in Kevin Eckstrom, “‘Just as I Am’ was Billy Graham’s signature hymn: But ‘Just As I Am’ was more than a favorite Graham hymn,” Religion News Service, retrieved 7 August 2021,

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