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"The Love That Tethers": A Guest Blog From Dr. Phil Newton of The Pillar Network--A Poem and Meditation

"The Love That Tethers"


Dr. Phil Newton

The Pillar Network


Occasionally, my meditations will lead to an attempt at poetry. This one, in particular, was written while undergoing chemo last February. I still remember how hard the night was--really hard; maybe one of the most difficult I've ever faced. But meditating on the cross as I looked at the lines tethering me to the chemo, sent my mind toward thinking about how Jesus faced the cross for us without flinching. Love was tethered to the cross, so that same Love (Christ our Lord), keeps us tethered to His saving work. Maybe this will be a helpful Good Friday meditation.


The Love that Tethers


O Love that keeps me

            Firmly tethered to the cross,

To cleanse me from my every sin

            And wash away the dross.


O Love that secures me

            When I would run away,

To seek some worthless, softer balm,

            To find an easy way.


O Love that reminds me

            By every constant sound,

That death must work in every part

            Or else there is no crown.


O Love that urges me

            That there is no other path,

To find the joy, to live with hope,

To know the life that lasts.


O Love that holds me

            By a blood-stained cross,

For every debt and judgment owed

            You gladly bore the cost.


O Love that draws me

            To Your faithful wounded side,

That You might be my life and peace

And in Your strong power abide.


So Love that met me

            All racked with guilt and sin,

I can now love and follow You

            Because Your life lives within.

Used by Permission.

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