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On the Lighter Side: Is Life Sometimes "Squirrelly" To You? A Funny Story About Religious Leaders. Enjoy!

[This was an application story in a recent devotional that came across my desk from Dr. Steve Brown of Key Life. Other life changing devotionals can be seen at]

Someone sent me a story of a small community where the places of worship experienced a horrible squirrel infestation. The religious leaders got together to discuss what to do. The Presbyterians prayed about it and decided that the squirrels were an act of a sovereign God and should be left alone. The Baptists noticed that the squirrels were fascinated by the baptistry and installed a water slide to drown them until they found out that squirrels could swim and invited their friends. The Episcopalians put out dishes of whisky to poison them with alcohol but discovered the damage a bunch of drunk squirrels could do. The Lutherans decided that the squirrels were God’s creatures and should be encouraged. The Catholic priest said he baptized the squirrels but never saw them except on Christmas and Easter. The rabbi said he had solved the problem: “I circumcised the first squirrel and never saw another one after that.”

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