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March 22nd: This Day in Christian History

Adapted, adopted, and used by permission from the Christian History Institute. You can enjoy their other writings at and



The bishops of London, Ely, and Worcester pronounce Pope Innocent III’s interdict on England, then flee the country. King John had promised to mutilate them if they pronounced the ban, which was issued because he refused to accept Stephen Langton as archbishop. Churches are closed and religious services discontinued. However, the baptism of children will continue, as will confession of the dying and administration of last rites.

Authority for the date: Schaff, Philip. History of the Christian Church.


Cardinal Reginald Pole is consecrated Archbishop of Canterbury, restoring Catholicism to England for a brief time between the Protestant reigns of Edward VI and Elizabeth I.

Authority for the date: Standard encyclopedias.


Arrest of John Penry, an independent Welsh pastor, who will be hanged for sedition. He had criticized Church of England leaders for their neglect of Wales and among his papers was found the draft of a strongly worded letter to Queen Elizabeth.

Authority for the date: Dale, Robert William. History of English Congregationalism.



Hugo Grotius, a Dutch Arminian imprisoned by Calvinists, after spending an hour on his knees praying, steps into a book box by which he will escape prison.

Authority for the date: Vreeland, Hamilton Jr. Hugo Grotius. New York: Oxford University Press, 1917.


The Archbishop of Armagh convenes a provincial synod at Kells which almost unanimously pronounces the war undertaken by the Catholics of Ireland against the English “just and lawful.”

Authority for the date: McGee, Thomas D’Arcy. A Popular History of Ireland.


John Gill is solemnly ordained as a Baptist pastor in Horsleydown in a lengthy public ceremony which involves much prayer and soul searching. Gill will remain at Horsleydown for 51 years and gain recognition as a great controversialist, sharply critical of Wesley’s theology because it placed the decision to follow Christ in a person’s own hands.

Authority for the date: Biographical Dictionary of Evangelicals.


Death in New Jersey from smallpox of Jonathan Edwards, Christian pastor, theologian, scientist, and educator.

Authority for the date: Biographical Dictionary of Evangelicals.


Beheading of the Orthodox monk Euthymius in Constantinople. He had abandoned Christianity for Islam in his youth but soon regretted it, returned to faith, became a monk on Mt. Athos, and practiced great austerities. Eventually he traveled to Constantinople where he testified of his faith.

Authority for the date:


Ordination in Calcutta of Mathura Kath Bose, who will minister to the Chandal people of Gopalgunge near the Ganges, winning many to Christ. He lives on a meagre income, having relinquished opportunities for commercial advancement by becoming a Christian.

Authority for the date: Satthianadhan and Murdoch, Sketches of India


Death in Berlin of Alexander Merensky, who had served as a missionary to the Transvaal, South Africa, and written many books about missions.

Authority for the date:


Death in Guayaquil, Ecuador, of George S. Fisher, founder of the Gospel Missionary Union. He had contracted typhoid fever while visiting the work in Ecuador. 

Authority for the date:

Adapted, adopted, and used by permission from the Christian History Institute. You can enjoy their other writings at and

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