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A Devotional from John Bunyan: "With Whom I Shall Worship?"

February 22

With Whom I Shall Worship?

“I appeal to you, brothers, to watch out for those who cause divisions and create obstacles contrary to the doctrine that you have been taught: avoid them”

Romans 16: 17.

Now then, I dare not have communion with them that profess not faith and holiness or that are not visible saints by calling. But note that by this assertion, I meddle not with . . . [God’s] elect. But as he is a visible saint by calling neither do I exclude the secret hypocrite, if he is hidden from me by visible saintship [one who is a confessed and practicing Christian]. Wherefore I dare not have communion with men from this single supposition, that they may be elect. Neither dare I exclude the other from a single supposing that he may be a secret hypocrite. I meddle not here with these things. I only exclude him that is not a visible saint. Now he that is visibly or openly prophane, cannot be then a visible Saint. For the one that is a visible saint must profess faith, and repentance, and consequently holiness of life: And with none other dare I communicate [fellowship in worship].

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